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SDL Enterprise Translation Server

Secure, client-managed machine translation for the global enterprise

State-of-the-art machine translation technology

SDL MT now includes state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT), offering revolutionary technology for high quality machine translation. SDL’s superior MT engine has evolved from close collaboration between MT developers and MT-savvy linguists and translators across multiple industries and domains to tune the engine for even higher quality translations. If a customer needs a language pair for translation that is more specific to their content, SDL offers self-service customization as well as a dedicated customer support team and the largest network of in-house professional linguists in the world to provide customized MT.
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SDL ETS Datasheet

  • Security – Deployment options: on-premise or private cloud 
  • Confidentiality -- Access from authorized users only 
  • Quality – Users control translation of brands & key terminology 
  • Global coverage – More languages to reach 90% of online users 
  • Flexibility – Supports large number of file types 
  • Rapid adoption – Intuitive Web UI 

Customized Language Pairs

A customized language pair is built using your translation memory assets in order to generate higher quality translations for your specific content domain. Unlike baseline language pairs, these systems are designed to translate a single subject area particularly well and are usually created for your specific branding and corporate vocabulary, with an emphasis on terminology and style.