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Common Source Database

The industry’s easiest to use common source databases (CSDB) creates publishing modules using data from multiple issues of S1000D.

Object-oriented architecture

The SDL Contenta S1000D solution utilizes a common source database (CSDB) with an object-oriented architecture that facilitates content reuse, providing higher content accuracy along with lower production costs. The SDL Contenta CSDB increases productivity for technical authors, editors and publishers in the creation, management and delivery of S1000D technical publications.

Central content repository

Deliver publications using data modules from multiple issues of S1000D with built-in quality and compliance validation. By implementing this easy-to-use CSDB, users have experienced up to 70% faster project startup. Discover one place to store and manage all of your content, including S1000D, ATA, SGML/XML and other legacy data.


Applicability filtering

Ensure accurate and specific data delivery by providing content in context. This allows for configuration management of complex systems, with real-time tail-, hull- and serial-number-levels.


Streamlined workflow

Manage and store legacy SGML and XML content, as well as graphics and unstructured content, with a simplified process for creating and managing data modules. The result speeds up processes and reduces the chance of errors by up to 60%.


Key features of SDL's common source database

  • Manages content from S1000D, SGML, XML and legacy data 
  • Support for multiple S1000D Issues 
  • Stores structured or unstructured data 
  • Pre-configured objects, roles, and hierarchical views 
  • Automated workflow

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