Testing and quality assurance 

Testing centers and global resources

SDL’s professional testing labs offer scalable testing processes and qualified international testers in specialized and secured localization test facilities.

Our expert capabilities and worldwide reach provide on‐time, effective, and consistent testing results. We'll go to great lengths to ensure your products meet the language and cultural requirements of global markets.

Specialized capabilities

  • A full spectrum of testing - covers all testing types across any application
  • Test planning - provides direction, resource planning and subject matter expertise
  • Controlled environment - a well-managed test environment ensures that defects are valid and reproducible
  • Formal defect reporting - a role-based system that supports project workflow and is customer accessible
  • Control documents - includes a test plan, test cases, tracking and status reporting
  • Iterative process - scenarios in multi-phase testing for iterative development or simple regression of closed defects
  • Secure infrastructure - ensures the security of a client’s pre-release products and devices
  • Onshore and offshore centers of excellence - we offer onshore and offshore delivery, leveraging our testing centers worldwide
  • A single point of contact for all of your projects - removes complexity and streamlines communication

Build, test, and deploy

Our localization engineers collaborate with you for your entire product lifecycle - from inception to feature development to global deployment.