Software engineering & localization 

Increase international sales with global deployment: scalable solutions for software localization

Software localization demands total accuracy, specialist cultural knowledge and a high level of organization. SDL’s localization engineering team is able to evaluate, extract and reintegrate all types of translatable content for all file types.

We own the technology

Our engineers have direct access to the developers and trainers to make sure that your requirements are met efficiently and for the lowest cost possible. SDL localization engineers are trained in multiple software tools and can provide you with a plan to localize your assets quickly . Because we own the technology, we can help you determine the technology to use for the best possible outcome on your projects.

Process efficiency

Our process allows you to work with a lead localization engineer near you, who works with a large engineering team in our production centers. Our engineers are local to you and have the resources of a global network. Having the technology and a huge network of global resources, our engineers are able to produce high quality work with rapid turnaround time for lower cost.


On staff engineers - Our primary engineering team are full time staff engineers supplemented by teams in our Centers of Excellence ensuring the highest levels of quality and security for your assets. Ensuring you have a single point of contact for all your projects, we remove complexity and streamline communication.

We combine this with the most up-to-date knowledge of process frameworks, crowdsourcing platforms to SaaS based models are just examples.

Preparing your products for global success

The world's leading companies rely on SDL Test for testing of their global web, mobile and desktop products across languages, operating systems, browser and device platforms. Our end-to-end testing services will help you control costs, increase quality and reach your global markets faster.