Multilingual SEO 


Streamlines global information delivery

Solution Brief

Make an impact with your global websites

RS Components

35% reduction in time-to-market

Deliver the best possible experience for users

Positive and engaging online global user experiences are crucial to driving international revenue growth. However, simply translating domestic keywords and web content is not enough to deliver a rich web experience that differentiates your company from all the others.

Content needs to be created and optimized for individual markets, taking into account cultural differences in search behavior, regional languages and dialects as well as rapidly changing technology preferences.

A local approach

Innovative organizations heavily invest in developing and maintaining localized websites to interact with their global customer. However, for many organizations, that investment is not maximized as their websites cannot be found, clickthrough rates are not achieved and conversions fail. To avoid missing a massive opportunity to meaningfully engage with customers, an integrated multilingual SEO strategy is key from the outset.

SDL approaches the unique features and nuances of international markets and optimizes website content specifically for the market that you are targeting.

That allows you to:

  • Increase page rankings for your most important search terms
  • Increase relevancy of your search results
  • Increase your visibility in the most popular local search engines
  • Increase web visits and decrease bounce rates
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase ROI on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) investments

A global solution

The SDL Multilingual SEO solution focuses on three core principles for the creation of all online web content: 

Quality, Relevancy and Consistency

We then apply this to three integrated areas of SEO:

  • International Keyword Optimization
  • Multilingual Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Website Translation

Utilizing our market-leading technology, SDL MultiTerm, this content is then stored, managed and shared across web architectures, administrators and content creators in order to preserve the highest level of consistency and optimization.

Operational Improvement Consulting

Do you want to increase website traffic and conversions across all global markets?
Would you like to rank on the first page of search results for your most important terms?
Are you investing heavily in PPC due to low organic rankings?

Our operational improvement consulting team understands how to plan for the intricacies of international search engines and create culturally relevant keyword lists, resulting in increased click-through rates, time-on-page and conversions by optimizing global web presence for local audiences.

Localizing audio and visual Content

Multimedia localization is a highly complex process and can include everything from games to movies. Learn best practices for controlling cost, maintaining quality, and selecting the most qualified localization experts.

Case studies