Language Solutions for Global Marketing 

Traditional Marketing Is No Longer Enough

Global marketing strategy has become the quickly evolving sport of multilingual, multichannel customer experience management on an international scale. Learn how SDL Language Solutions can help you modernize your multilingual, multichannel marketing strategy for the digital era with:

Voices of Global Innovation Series

Watch this video series to learn how global executives are solving the language and localization challenges of multinational and multilingual business.  

Voices of Global Innovation is a documentary video series featuring top executives from large global brands. In candid and close-up video interviews, leaders from big brands share the war stories and wins of managing language for their global enterprises.  

Watch the video interviews or register for an upcoming webinar to meet and chat live with any of our Voices of Global Innovation participants.

B2B Marketing Guide

Ebook: Global Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing and digital strategy are the new critical components of a successful global marketing strategy. But, on average, marketers’ skills have not kept pace with this rapid digital evolution. Download this essential guide today to learn how you can rethink and rebuild your B2B marketing using the following top 5 inbound marketing pillars: 

1. Global content strategy  
2. Social media  
3. SEO and PPC 
4. Marketing analytics  
5. Marketing automation

The Modern Marketer's Guide

Managing a multilingual brand and customer experience has become a monumental marketing task that most marketers do not feel equipped to execute effectively in the digital era.  Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Transform and update your global marketing and multilingual content strategy. 
  • Integrate translation and localization into your marketing strategy based on resources, budget, content types, channels and regional business objectives.
  • Increase global brand equity and lead generation through modern marketing best practices. 

Global Marketing: The Modern Marketer's Guide

What Matters Most to Global Marketers

Need some stats to champion a modern, multilingual, and multichannel approach to global marketing within your organization? Download our Global Marketing Solutions Brief to get our two latest infographics, What Matters MOST to Global Marketers and The Impact of Language on the Global Customer Experience.