Language Services 

Graham Rae, VP R&D Operations, SolidWorks

"Since beginning our partnership with SDL, we have seen cost savings of up to 30%, which certainly demonstrates the business benefits of outsourcing"

Joe Pstrak, Director of Dealer e-Business Services, CNH

"Through SDL, we provide support to our global dealers at 40% lower costs with significantly faster turnaround times"

Kelly Lambert, Digital Marketing Manager, Colt

"We rely on SDL to deliver high-quality multilingual content so that we can concentrate on the value of the message"

Voices of Global Innovation Series

Watch this video series to learn how global executives are solving the language and localization challenges of multinational and multilingual business.  

Voices of Global Innovation is a documentary video series featuring top executives from large global brands. In candid and close-up video interviews, leaders from big brands share the war stories and wins of managing language for their global enterprises.  

Watch the video interviews or register for an upcoming webinar to meet and chat live with any of our Voices of Global Innovation participants.

A complete portfolio

  1. Our services cover the entire spectrum of localization including translation services, terminology management,  desktop publishing, media services and interpreting.
  2. We offer a specialist portfolio of software services, all of which have been designed to help you to accelerate the launch of products to global markets internationalization, software engineering, testing and quality assurance.
  3. Drawing on over 10 years of experience we deliver the latest advances in translation efficiency through intelligent Machine Translation (iMT).

Whatever your content type

Whether dealing with complex technical documentation, multimedia applications, localizing web and marketing material, preparing software for global markets or developing international e-learning solutions, SDL has the experience that fits your business needs.

Whatever your industry

Whatever sector you work in, SDL has the experience and resources to fit your business. From Automotive, Software, Electronics and High-tech companies to the Finance, Life Science and Travel and Tourism industries, SDL's pool of over 900 in-house skilled translators and subject matter experts ensure your content is in safe hands.

Solution brief

The world's largest in-house team of translation specialists help you to communicate around the globe

Take the iMT challenge

Find out how the next generation of translation automation could work for you

Optimizing the localization process

Whitepaper: Reduce the time and cost of delivering global information