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Research profile:

Gonzalo received his PhD in Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) from the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the Universidade de Vigo on March 2010. His PhD thesis describes several strategies to reduce the search space described by hierarchical grammars with a minimum impact on performance, and a new type of hierarchical decoder based on lattices implemented with WFSTs, capable of avoiding pruning-in-search for many translation tasks.

Gonzalo has been Research Associate in the Engineering Department of Cambridge University, UK, for the past three years. This time has been under the FAUST project: Feedback Analysis for User adaptive Statistical Translation (FP7-ICT-2009-4). 

About Gonzalo:

University of Vigo, PhD in Machine Translation 

 de Gispert, A., Blackwood, G.,  Iglesias, G., & Byrne,W. ( 2012) N-gram posterior probability confidence measures for statistical machine translation: an empirical study. In Machine Translation, DOI: 10.1007/s10590-012-9132-2[pdf]

Parton, K., Habash, N., McKeown, K., Iglesias G., & de Gispert, A. (2012) Can Automatic Post-Editing Make MT More Meaningful?, In Proc. of the Conf. of the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT)May 2012. Trento, Italy. EAMT Best Paper Award [pdf]

Iglesias, G., Allauzen, C. Byrne, W., de Gispert, A., & Riley, M. (2011) Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Representations, In Proc. of the Conf. on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), July 2011. Edinburgh, Scotland. . [pdf][slides]

de Gispert, A., Iglesias, G., Blackwood, G., Banga, E.R., & Byrne,W. (2010) Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation with Weighted Finite State Transducers and Shallow-N Grammars.  Computational Linguistics. (36.3), 505-533. [pdf]

Pino, J., Iglesias, G., de Gispert, A., Blackwood, G., Brunning, J., & Byrne, W. (2010) The CUED HiFST System for the WMT10 Translation Shared Task Proc. of the ACL Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation (WMT), July 2010. Uppsala, Sweden.[pdf]

Iglesias, G., (2010) Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation with Weighted Finite State Transducers (Doctoral dissertation). University of Vigo. EAMT 2010 Best Thesis Award. [pdf]

Iglesias, G., de Gispert, A., Blackwood, G., Banga, E.R., & Byrne,W. (2009) The HiFst System for EuroParl Spanish-to-English task. In XXV edición del Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, September 2009. Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain. [pdf][slides]

Iglesias, G., de Gispert, A., G., Banga, E.R., & Byrne,W.(2009) Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation with Weighted Finite State Transducers. Proc. of North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics - Human Language Technologies (NAACL HLT) June 2009. Boulder (Colorado, USA). [pdf][slides] 

Iglesias, G., de Gispert, A., G., Banga, E.R., & Byrne,W.(2009) Rule Filtering by Pattern for Efficient Hierarchical Translation. Proc. of the 12th European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics conference (EACL), April 2009. Athens, Greece.[pdf][slides]

Specific features of the Galician language and implementations for speech technology.. Manuel González González, Eduardo Rodríguez Banga, Francisco Campillo Díaz, Francisco Méndez Pazó, Leandro Rodríguez Liñares, Gonzalo Iglesias Iglesias. Speech Communication vol 50, pp 874-887. November 2008. 

Banga,E. R., Méndez Pazó, F., Campillo, F., Iglesias, G., & Docío, L. (2008) Descripción del sintetizador de voz COTOVÍA para la evaluación ALBAYZIN TTS 2008. Las Tecnologías del Habla, ISBN 978-84-9860-169-5, November 2008 Bilbao,Spain.

Iglesias, G., Liñares, L. R., Banga,E. R., & Díaz, F. C. (2006) Perspectivas de la traducción automática castellano-gallego mediante técnicas estadísticas y por transferencia. Francisco Méndez Pazó. Las Tecnologías del Habla, , September 2006. ISBN 84-06214-82-6. Zaragoza Spain.

Díaz, F. C., Liñares, L. R., Banga,E. R., Iglesias, G., & Méndez Pazó, F.(2004) Desarrollo de un sistema de análisis sintáctico para el idioma gallego. Las Tecnologías del HablaSeptember 2004. ISBN 84-95118-58-0. Valencia,Spain. 

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