High-performance XML Professional Publisher 

Case study

SNP Best-set deploys SDL XPP to take journal publishing to a new level.

Recorded webinar

This webinar discusses the role that SDL XPP and Web Services plays in transforming the way that Letterpart Ltd, a UK-based publishing house does business.

Product brief

XML publishing solution product description - SDL XPP

What's new

SDL XPP has a strong track record of continuous improvement. Regularly taking input from wishlist sessions at user group conferences and strategic planning meetings with active customers, the XPP team consistently adds new features and abilities that enable customers to stay current with industry best practices and emerging technologies.

The XPP 8.4 release continues that process by adding three key features:
• Enhanced ability to work with tabular data
• A new style development tool to provide more immediate feedback in creating and modifying styles
• An XML Export capability

The XML Export tool enables both the content and the information about how it is formatted to be exported from XPP in XML format. That XML instance can then be converted to an alternative delivery format. All publishers today face a proliferation of target devices and formats. XPP’s XML Export feature opens the way to continue to produce high quality PDF while automatically branching the processing stream to produce parallel output formats to meet the multiplying demands for other platforms in an efficient and affordable way.