High-performance XML Professional Publisher 

Case study

SNP Best-set deploys SDL XPP to take journal publishing to a new level.

Recorded webinar

This webinar discusses the role that SDL XPP and Web Services plays in transforming the way that Letterpart Ltd, a UK-based publishing house does business.

Product brief

XML publishing solution product description - SDL XPP

Product overview

SDL XPP is a highly scalable, reliable and programmable software solution that has become a key component of some of the most sophisticated, high-volume production publishing systems in use throughout the world today.  SDL XPP has been delivering proven solutions for global leaders in the publishing, financial, government, high tech, aerospace and defense industries for over 25 years. Implemented as a standalone solution, or integrated with SDL Contenta, SDL LiveContent or other content management system, XPP provides a powerful end-to-end XML publishing solution. Some highlights of this powerful XML production solution include:

  • Publishes in over 35 languages
  • Supports high-quality, commercial composition including flexible footnote and complex tabular composition
  • Automically processes text and graphics into fully paginated documents
  • Enables interactive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page design and editing
  • Uses a page-oriented approach
  • Controls recomposition after changes
  • Freezes page elements
  • Leverages a wide variety of industry content standards

  • Provides multi-user conferenced access

  • Offers application-specific options