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Global. Local. Multi-channel. Multi-brand. Multiple languages. Interactive. Integrated. Up-to-date. Controlled. Flexible. Customized. Targeted. Personalized. Online. Offline…

To make a global impact, marketers now need to stretch their marketing dollar to cover a plethora of value-added marketing tasks. And the results need to be timely, cost-effective, consistent and relevant.

SDL Tridion Web Content Management

Day-to-day usability makes it easier

SDL Tridion Web Content Management (WCM) allows content contributors to focus on the task at hand. The updated interface provides tremendous flexibility and enables you to edit content directly within the context of your website, through all major browsers and in your preferred language.

You can now create pages, change text, update images, rearrange text and drag & drop widgets directly in the preview environment. Step-by-step wizards make it easy to create new pages. Find out more.

Meeting business needs through technical elegance

SDL Tridion’s unique BluePrinting™ technology gives you centralized control with local flexibility for your entire multilingual web estate through synchronized content and brand and message control for all of your channels.

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Reaching your global audiences

SDL Translation Manager allows you to simply and easily manage your translations directly within SDL Tridion. From translation requests to approvals and publication of translated content, Translation Manager ensures coordinated publish actions and consistent messages across your multilingual web estate. 

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