Translation Management 
 Driving automation, standardization and collaboration  

Why translation management?

Translation management systems manage the end to end process for translating and localizing information. For globalization and localization managers responsible for reducing the cost of translation in their organization or for marketers responsible for providing consistent content across languages for new markets, translation management systems drive significant growth and savings opportunities. 

Centralized management

With translation management solutions, teams are able to define and illustrate each step of the localization process as part of a workflow, then automate steps as appropriate. When tasks, resources and assets are centralized in this way - and combined with detailed reporting on costs and task duration - localization groups have a complete view of the entire process.
Translation Management


A translation management system will help:
  • Reduce costs and accelerate translation delivery and improve translation quality 
  • Provide control and visibility of translated content, translation costs and volumes
  • Increase collaboration and integration between translators, departments and translation vendors
  • Streamline translation throughout of the box integrations into leading content management systems, such as SDL Tridion

How it works

Using proven database, workflow and integration standards and technologies, translation management systems integrate the separate people, content systems and language assets involved in the translation process from across your organization and translation suppliers.

Want to learn more about translation management?

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