Looking for Alterian? On January 30th, 2012 SDL acquired Alterian, a leader in social media analytics. Alterian Insights and Alterian SM2 are now part of SDL's Social Intelligence Solutions

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 SDL Social Intelligence 
 Optimizing the Customer Experience  
 with Data-Driven Solutions 

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Social Media and the Customer Experience

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How could Sheraton Hotels utilize brand perception of its parent brand, Starwood Hotels, to boost brand equity and increase repeat visitors?

Xbox vs. PlayStation Battle

Visit this page to receive the latest updates around the 2013 battle between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Convert Shoppers into Customers

Do you know what’s inhibiting your customers from buying? 

All businesses want more customers, and converting a shopper into a customer is a key indicator of success, whether they are buying for the first time or a long-term customer. Our solution helps inform your product and services strategy so you can convert shoppers into customers and drive purchasing and repurchasing behavior that establishes long-term commitment to your products. 

Get the insights you need to:

  • Foster awareness, feed trends and convert shoppers into customers
  • Identify and remove barriers to purchase and constantly monitor the impact of your changes
  • Proactively determine the best strategy for product launches to ensure and track success

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