bemoko is now SDL Mobile! SDL has acquired bemoko to extend its leadership in Customer Experience Management offering.
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Understanding the mobile shift


Predictions for a Mobile World

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SDL acquires bemoko

Your brand in an omni-channel world

Mobile is now an integral part of your marketing mix. Your mobile web presence is more than just a website viewed on a mobile device. Online audiences move seamlessly between multiple digital channels including smart phones, tablets, internet TV as well as the desktop.

The complexity and speed of adoption of new digital touch points means that it is a significant business challenge to engage and optimize for each individual channel.

Your customers' experience is only as good as your ability to keep pace and quickly respond and adapt to the new ways your customers want to engage. More than just mobile engagement, organizations need a one-web omni-channel strategy.

The challenge

You need to focus on creating a great experience and contextual content rather than getting bogged down in multiple style sheets or complex mobile assets.

You need the flexibility to make strategic choices for your mobile channel to drive customer loyalty, transactions and advocacy. Traditional website approaches to your mobile channel can often result in higher overall costs and missed opportunities.

You need to keep pace with device proliferation, which makes it difficult to keep pace with change. Creating an effective mobile experience across devices frequently comes with high costs, complexity and delayed time to market.

You need to optimize mobile performance. Today's customer wants to be able to access the information and interact in the moment. If your customers don't get what they want within seconds, they'll go somewhere else.

You need a common content platform that can feed all of these channels and has the agility to cater for the next big thing. 

You need a content delivery tier that optimizes the experience. Not just the website on a smaller screen, but an experience that adapts to the context of the user, the task they are trying to complete or the data we know about them already.

Our approach

SDL delivers solutions specifically designed to meet the challenges of the ever-changing omni-channel world. Our solutions deliver the agility needed to respond to new and evolving consumer trends enabling you to plan your business around whatever comes next, whether that's Internet TV, tablets, Google glasses or any new mobile device.