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 Information about service packs for SDL Trados Studio 2011 

Open Microsoft Word documents with activated tracked changes in the source


  • Advanced version control functionality; allowing companies to comply with regulatory requirements - Organizations working in regulated industries, or where it is necessary to closely monitor changes to documentation, contracts, terms and conditions or proposals, now have the ability to simultaneously track source and target changes made at every stage during the document creation, review and sign-off stages.


  • It is now possible with Studio 2011 SP2 to open and edit MS Word documents with Track Changes in both source and target segments
  • View all source segments that have active tracked changes
  • Manage how files containing track changes in the source segment behave (open and display track changes/apply track changes before opening/ignore documents with pending track changes)
  • Quickly toggle between 'Final' and 'Final with Changes' views to get a complete picture of how the final document with look
  • PerfectMatch 2.0 also has the ability to process track changes.

Edit source content


  • Improve translation memory quality - Allowing translators to correct errors in the source content reduces mistakes and improves the overall quality of segments saved to the translation memory.
  • Reduced file handling and project downtime - by allowing translators to make small changes to content in source segments, such as fixing spelling mistakes or incorrectly scanned characters.  This removes the burden on content owners/project managers, normally responsible for making such corrections.


  • Users now have the ability to make changes to source segments when translating Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files (such as correcting spelling errors or incorrectly scanned characters)
  • Project managers can decide whether or not to enable the 'edit source' feature when creating a project - thereby retaining control over project editing rights.

AutoSuggest enhancements


  • Results are no longer case-sensitive, providing translators with better results
  • The order that results are displayed is configurable (e.g. smallest first, alphabetical), enabling translators to work even faster


  • Improved AutoSuggest suggestions
  • Select the way the suggestions are presented.

Easier external review

The SDL OpenExchange application, SDLXLIFF Converter for Microsoft Word, is now an integrated part of SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2.

This feature enables users to convert SDLXLIFF files into Microsoft Word documents and share their translations with reviewers who do not own a copy of Studio 2011.

Reviewed MS Word documents can be brought back into Studio 2011, as updated SDLXLIFF files, with all review changes, comments and track changes applied correctly.

Enhanced project management capabilities

Studio 2011 SP2 empowers project managers with additional functionality when working with SDL Studio GroupShare.  Projects can now be published directly to Project Server as part of the Project Creation Wizard.  Project Managers now also have the ability to republish projects that have been deleted.

Center active row in the Editor

To make viewing of segments that you want to translate or review easier, a new option has been added that allows you to center the active row in the Editor. When selected, if you scroll in the Editor using the arrows on the keyboard, the active row is automatically placed in the center of the Editor.

Use Regular Expressions with Find and Replace

Users can now use regular expressions to replace text in the Editor when using the Find and Replace feature. The regular expression is used to generate the text that will replace the matched text in the "Find" criteria.

Improved user experience

Based on user feedback, many other enhancements have been included such as: 

  • Project activation - double clicking on a project takes you directly to the files within the project,
  • Display Filters History - Studio 2011 SP2 now remembers and shows up to 20 previous display filter searches in the Editor window
  • Additional languages for Pseudo Translate (Korean, Chinese, Thai and Japanese) 
  • Improved usability when adding terms to SDL MultiTerm
  • Online help and the Quick Start Guides are now available in German, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Additional functionality for SDL WorldServer customers

Included faster package opening of SDL WorldServer kits, the ability to manage multiple files as a single entity during package extraction and an improved interface for the SDL WorldServer TM provider plug-in.

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