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Improved terminology performance

  • Adding terms to a termbase as you translate is now even faster with the new ‘Quick Add New Term’ feature. Simply highlight the term in the source and target segments, right click to add term (or use the button in the ribbon) and it is instantly added to your termbase. 
  • Java-based technology has been replaced in the integration between SDL MultiTerm 2014 and Studio 2014. This change provides a much faster and more stable experience when working with terminology.

Edit source for all file types

Source segments in SDLXLIFF files are now able to be edited in most file types supported by Studio 2014 SP2. This improved functionality is not only useful for correcting spelling mistakes and typos, it is especially useful when working with documents that have been scanned, as incorrect characters can now be easily changed. Importantly, this functionality can be disabled - giving the content owner full control over what can be changed.

Support for alphanumeric strings

Studio 2014 SP2 will now recognise alphanumeric strings made up of combinations of uppercase letters, numbers, underscores, dashes and full stops. For example BV0.mxm.072.531 or  NAME_4001C in a source segment would now be recognised as variables and would be automatically transferred from the source segment to the target segment. This new functionality is especially useful for speeding up the translation of certain documents types such as product catalogues which contain numerous product numbers.

SDLXLIFF now added to return packages

When a translation job is completed, it is common practice to send SDLXLIFF files to the work provider along with the return package. Another time saving feature introduced with Studio 2014 SP2 means that there is no longer any need to go through this process as SDLXLIFF files will now automatically be included in the return package.

Performance and usability enhancements

  • The first phase of a new licensing system has been introduced which brings with it improvements in licensing workflow and more flexible network deployment options
  • Tag verifier is now available as a global setting, so users no longer need to define tag verification settings for each file type
  • Improved word count logic for words containing apostrophes, dashes and full stops.

New functionality through applications

Available to download from our App Store, these latest applications provide great new functionality that is fully accessible within Studio 2014:

GroupShare 2014 SP2 enhancements

  • Single sign-on for custom authentication - if you are using the custom authentication functionality, GroupShare 2014 SP2 offers single sign-on to the GroupShare website
  • More language support for Windows 2008 servers - GroupShare 2014 SP2 now features the same language support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 R2, ensuring a smoother supply chain process when using a variety of operating system generations.
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