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SDL Trados Studio 2014
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SDL Trados Studio 2014 Professional is the complete translation environment for corporate language professionals, who want to edit, review and manage translation projects, as well as organize corporate terminology. 

Used by over 200,000 translation professionals worldwide, SDL's translation software allows companies to deliver world-class localized content to support their global sales and marketing efforts.


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Deliver high-quality content in any language

At the heart of SDL Trados Studio 2014 lies SDL's powerful Translation Memory technology. By storing content created by translators, Translation Memories (TMs) allow for past material to be re-used in future projects. The amount of leverage can vary but can be as high as 80% for technical content. The use of TMs as part of a translation project not only increases translator productivity, it also improves consistency across content.

Make the most of your translation resource

Alongside the powerful TM engine, SDL Trados Studio offers numerous innovative features that enable translation teams to be more productive. With Studio, translation speed can be significantly accelerated, potentially up to 100%, thanks to innovative features that not only aid the translator in creating content faster, but also speed up the project creation and review stages. When used across the translation supply chain, Studio delivers significant cost and time savings at every stage. 

Maintain brand consistency across every language

Protecting brand values and ensuring a consistent tone of voice across all languages is made possible through SDL MultiTerm 2014, the fully integrated Terminology Management solution that is part of Studio. By creating and distributing approved 
terminology to all relevant stakeholders, language professionals can ensure that correct terms are applied to every translation.

Effortless Project Management

Creating and delivering large translation projects across multiple languages is made easy with the project management capabilities found in Studio 2014. And as part of the SDL Language Platform, Studio 2014 gives users the necessary flexibility and scalability to build their preferred translation supply chain, no matter how complex or far reaching.

Translate even faster with integrated
machine translation

Combining Machine Translation (MT) with post-editing allows projects to be completed faster than ever before - with up to a 100% increase in productivity. With SDL's unique MT offering, every company can now integrate secure and customizable MT into their translation process. Choose from:

Enjoy Translation!

SDL Trados Studio 2014 features a modern, intuitive design, with a workspace that is easily customizable to suit the needs of the user. Combined with Studio's range of productivity features and the ability to work on the widest range of file formats, Studio users are properly equipped to deal with any type of translation project, no matter what.

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