SDL LW Enterprise Translation Server 
 Scalable, secure automated translation 

Why SDL LW Enterprise Translation Server?

SDL Language Weaver Enterprise translation server is built on leading automated translation technology and research.  This solution has been deployed in over 400 installations around the world and integrated into over 20 complementary applications to enable mission critical decision making.

Secure translations

Designed for government entities that need secure access to translation solutions, this language translation server offers scalable, on-premise deployments with straight-forward integration into existing applications and workflows. The SDL Language Weaver Enterprise Translation Server is engineered to enable organizations to meet the volume, speed and accuracy requirements for on-going translation demands.

Solutions for government needs

This translation solution offers broad language coverage and is designed specifically for government organizations that need to translate large volumes of information to or from multiple languages at a rapid pace.  This solution has been engineered from the ground up for easy integration with virtually any application, such as broadcast monitoring, media monitoring, document exploitation, live chat, and more.

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