SDL BeGlobal Trainer 
 Customize SDL’s Machine Translation Software 

Introducing SDL BeGlobal Trainer

As part of the complete SDL Language Platform, SDL now offers  SDL BeGlobal Trainer - an extension of SDL BeGlobal - which enables enterprises and language service providers to easily and securely train/customize its cloud-based machine translation (MT) software to deliver higher-quality automated translations.

Control the process

SDL BeGlobal Trainer puts the power of MT in the hands of language professionals. Translation providers and enterprises now have full control over customizing and improving MT quality for business verticals or individual customer requirements.

Increase productivity

SDL BeGlobal Trainer enables translation providers to improve machine translation quality and immediately use it within a post-editing workflow to increase translator productivity. This offers translation providers an opportunity to create new, competitive business offerings.

Leverage best in class software

SDL BeGlobal is built on the latest innovation and research in Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the new training capabilities offered to translation providers leverage years of customization experience, which is packaged in an easy-to-use self-training capability with SDL BeGlobal Trainer.

Keep information secure

Unlike other MT solutions, SDL BeGlobal is a secure cloud based machine translation environment where teams can now deploy customized engines instantly within existing translation workflows. No need to worry about sensitive customer information being submitted to a public cloud MT offering. You can train the machine translation and deploy the customized system all within SDL’s secure cloud environment.

Resources and downloads

To learn more about SDL BeGlobal Trainer and automated translation, please see our resources in this section.