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 Automated translation in the cloud 

SDL BeGlobal - Product Overview

Automated translation for business

The social web has changed the world in many ways. Today’s customers expect more online, social and instant interactions in their native language. This trend is forcing companies to address multiple types of communication – from high-quality editorial content to task-driven support content – across more languages and channels than ever before. With SDL BeGlobal, any business user or content owner across the organization is empowered to communicate with their customer, in the language of the customer’s choice. 


SDL offers the broadest language coverage for commercially available solutions, with new languages and verticals being added on a regular basis. For most commercial customers, we deliver trained language pairs that understand the domain or style of a particular company or organization. This helps to ensure that each single translation is appropriate for the company and its communication needs. SDL is committed to ongoing innovation and continues to build out its language coverage, while improving on existing translation systems.

Western Europe

Danish <> English
Dutch <> English
Finnish <> English
French <> English, Arabic, Spanish, German
German <> English, French, Spanish
Greek <> English
Italian <> English, Spanish
Norwegian <> English
Portuguese <> English
Spanish <> English, Arabic, French, German, Italian
Swedish <> English
Translation Management

Eastern Europe

Albanian <> English (NEW)
Bulgarian <> English
Czech <> English
Estonian <> English
Hungarian <> English
Latvian <> English (NEW)
Lithuanian <> English
Polish <> English
Romanian <> English
Russian <> English
Serbian <> English
Slovak <> English
Slovenian <> English
Turkish <> English
Ukrainian <> English

Middle East & Africa

Arabic <> English, Spanish, French
Dari <> English
Hausa <> English
Hebrew <> English
Pashto <> English
Persian <> English
Somali <> English


Bengali <> English
Hindi <> English
Indonesian <> English
Japanese <> English
Korean <> English
Simplified Chinese <> English
Thai <> English
Traditional Chinese <> English
Urdu <> English

Resources and downloads

To learn more about SDL BeGlobal and automated translation, please see our resources in this section.