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SDL Media Manager

SDL Media Manager's 6 steps to success

Video and rich media marketing is a vitally important way to engage target audiences. Visual impact transforms conveying information into creating an experience, emotion and, most importantly, desire to act.

SDL Media Manager lets you tap into the potential of video and rich media assets through all available channels, creating impact and connection.

A single unifying platform

SDL Media Manager provides you with all of the software and services you need to centrally create, enrich, publish and distribute video and other rich-media assets. It supports myriads of media platforms, systems and devices, from web to mobile to IPTV and social media platforms.

Through integration with 3rd-party systems, such as web content management, digital asset management, customer relationship management and digital signage systems, you manage your assets from a single platform.

6 steps to success: a proven rich-media strategy

1. Manage: Centralize and manage your rich-media assets

2. Localize: Provide cost-effective localized content for international audiences

3. Distribute: Align your distribution channels with your business tactics and strategy

4. Socialize: Make it easy to share your content

5. Enrich: Provide directly actionable on-screen forms and interactive elements

6. Optimize: Gather data about how your audience engages with your message and content

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