Looking for SDL LiveContent DITA? It's now known as SDL LiveContent Reach, part of the new integrated SDL LiveContent solution.

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 SDL LiveContent Reach 
 Connect, collaborate, and reach new customers 

Product Brief

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Case study

UK's leading independent law publisher sets trend in next generation dynamic publishing model.

Commenting and Collaboration in a ‘Structured’ Wiki

SDL LiveContent reinvents how content is reviewed and edited collaboratively. An editing and commenting framework allows content authors collaborate directly with SMEs in one controlled environment. It eliminates archaic review processes, such as PDF mark-up. Comments and edits can be made directly on any topic and always maintained so that feedback between author and reviewer is never lost. The complexity of XML is not exposed to the SME. It’s easy and intuitive, while retaining the power of XML. 

Social Product Content

SDL LiveContent enables you or your customers to share product content to their networks on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +. Because of its DITA support and modern web infrastructure, SDL LiveContent Reach allows links to individual topics to be shared to these social networks, taking the community directly to the information they need and improving social engagement between content owner and customer

Understand the value of your content

Understanding how your customers engage with and consume your content can help you make data-driven business decisions. In the past, analyzing product content was limited due to the publishing of ‘flat’ content like PDF to the web. Now with SDL LiveContent’s sophisticated reporting and dynamic content delivery, you gain deep insight into content consumption and customer engagement. 

Multi-channel and multilingual

SDL LiveContent can detect the device being used to browse content – personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, iPads, and other mobile devices. It then determines the browser
being used on these devices, and delivers the content in a format appropriate for the device, ensuring that customers can access your content from wherever they choose. With usage of SDL’s translation technologies and localization-friendly XML, SDL LiveContent can support any language your customers speak. By maintaining a ‘living’ link between the product content and business metadata to the point of customer contact, SDL LiveContent ensures every customer request is answered with the most recent and relevant content.