SDL Fredhopper 
 Create personalized and engaging online shopping experiences 

Targeting, personalization, search and merchandizing for eCommerce

SDL Fredhopper makes it easy for eCommerce marketers to target the right customers with the right items, in the right context. It is designed to optimize the online shopping experience, while increasing conversion rates, revenue and customer lifetime value.

Personalized recommendations

Knowing your shoppers gives you the unique ability to tailor their experience to their preferences, behavior and buying behavior.

Predict shopper behavior. SDL Fredhopper uses data about which shoppers are likely to buy, what they will buy and when they will buy. This gives you incredible accuracy for both cross-sell and up-sell campaigns.

Target content. Deliver compelling relevant offers to each and every visitor. SDL Fredhopper uses visitor profiles and predictive models to tailor the visitor experience to match their wish list.

Give marketers greater control. By providing your shoppers direct access to best sellers and new offers, shoppers see the newest and best just by entering your website.

Halfords leads the pack by creating unique and profitable customer experiences

Halfords leads the pack by creating unique and profitable customer experiences
(SDL Customer Success Story)

Tricia Owen-Williams, Head of Customer Experience for Halfords, talks about her vision for digital customer experience and how Halfords partnered with SDL to deliver unique and profitable customer experiences in online retail and merchandising using SDL Fredhopper. “The first benefit of the SDL Fredhopper implementation was that it was a huge amount of fun working with SDL Fredhopper…the team was so collaborative and it was so easy to trust them. The second benefit has to be conversion…since we’ve implemented SDL Fredhopper our conversion rates have been fantastic.”

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