SDL Fredhopper 
 Create personalized and engaging online shopping experiences 

Targeting, personalization, search and merchandizing for eCommerce

SDL Fredhopper makes it easy for eCommerce marketers to target the right customers with the right items, in the right context. It is designed to optimize the online shopping experience, while increasing conversion rates, revenue and customer lifetime value.

Cross-sell and up-sell merchandising campaigns

SDL Fredhopper puts power behind your cross-sell and upsell merchandising campaigns.

Target right item to the right person at the right time. SDL Fredhopper evaluates the context of every customer interaction. Using powerful analytics and user-defined marketing rules, it uses this intelligence to deliver the optimal marketing message to each and every customer. 

Give your marketer full control. By replacing labor-intensive manual targeting with smart targeting rules and automated supervision, you free your marketers to focus on optimizing the customer experience.

Optimize through systematic learning. By seeing what works and what doesn't you can optimize your campaigns based on concrete results. 

Use technology that supports marketing. Rather than technology "out-smarting" marketing, SDL Fredhopper supports marketing efforts.

People prefer working with SDL Fredhopper

Read more about SDL Fredhopper Access Server enterprise search and merchandising software. Download the product brief and learn why people prefer working with SDL Fredhopper and companies working with SDL Fredhopper sell more.

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