SDL Fredhopper 
 Create personalized and engaging online shopping experiences 

Targeting, personalization, search and merchandizing for eCommerce

SDL Fredhopper makes it easy for eCommerce marketers to target the right customers with the right items, in the right context. It is designed to optimize the online shopping experience, while increasing conversion rates, revenue and customer lifetime value.

Help shoppers find what they're looking for, intuitively

SDL Fredhopper makes it easy for shoppers to find what they're looking for. SDL Fredhopper features:

In-context search results understand what shoppers mean dynamically organize the results.

Search intelligence accommodates variations in spelling, synonyms and multi-pass search.

Dynamic product displays provide active guidance through your store, and dynamically orders shelves to help shoppers find what they're looking for more quickly.

Marketing control enables marketers to create ranking rules, display relevant results and draw attention to popular or new items based on audience profiles.

Predictive search

Give your shoppers direct access to the items and campaigns that are most relevant to them. Predictive search displays items and campaigns even before shoppers execute a search.

  • Automatically match shoppers' search intent using their onsite behavior and your visitor profiles.
  • Anticipate their wishes by offering shoppers contextual bestsellers and profitable shortcuts. The average online shopper sees around 30 items during a session compared to 300 in a brick and mortar store. 
  • Offer relevant up-sell campaigns by presenting logical accessories or related items.

People prefer working with SDL Fredhopper

Read more about SDL Fredhopper Access Server enterprise search and merchandising software. Download the product brief and learn why people prefer working with SDL Fredhopper and companies working with SDL Fredhopper sell more.

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