New in SDL Fredhopper 7.5 

 Learn what is new in SDL Fredhopper 7.5 and find out what it has in store for you 

One store, a million different faces

Do you find it difficult to adapt your online store to different scenarios without constant heavy-lifting and development? Do you need to create a smarter store window that caters for the diversity of shoppers that visit you? The latest release of SDL Fredhopper is designed to make it simple for your eCommerce business to adapt and personalize the online shopping experience.
SDL Fredhopper 7.5 provides marketers and merchandizers with powerful capabilities to adapt any part of the product catalog to target specific shoppers and commercial scenarios, at scale and with ease. It does this through trigger-based merchandizing rules for store navigation, for the ranking, sorting and positioning of product search results, and for store redirects.

Triggered store navigation

Personalize the shopping experience

Triggered ranking, sorting and positioning

Complete control of merchandizing

Triggered store redirects

Cater for every customer

Triggered store navigation

eCommerce marketers need greater flexibility in the way their product catalog appears to different customers and in different commercial scenarios. With SDL Fredhopper 7.5 and its triggered faceted navigation, you are in control of how your store appears and can tailor it any which way you like.

Want to quickly create a new navigation section for your ‘Summer Essentials’ campaign, grouping together sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen and a lilo? Maybe you want to hide a certain brand, category or price bracket based on the type of customer that comes to your store? No problem with trigger-based faceted navigation. 

It allows you to define what your trigger is, whether it’s time of year for your Summer Essentials campaign, or that the shopper came to your site via specific keywords. You can quickly define a business rule to display a customized navigation section in your store, without having to alter anything in the product catalog. 

Triggered ranking, sorting and positioning

Ranking and sorting the right products to the right customer, in the right context is a constant challenge, especially with a huge range of products and a diverse set of shoppers. Getting it right is the key to great online merchandizing.

With SDL Fredhopper 7.5, modifying the ranking, sorting and positioning of items within a search, as well as ranking and ordering the different sections of the catalogue navigation are now all based on triggers.

Perhaps you’ve prepared a ‘Winter Warmers’ clothing section in your store. You’ve bundled up some items from the jackets, boots and hats section of your store but you want to be a smarter merchandizer and handpick the ranking of certain products that are displayed, based on that selection and the time of year. SDL Fredhopper 7.5 puts those capabilities into the hands of the merchandizer.

Combining the triggered store navigation with triggered ranking, sorting and positioning means that you are completely in control of very sophisticated online merchandizing techniques, allowing you to completely tailor your store to your commercial needs, your customer needs, and emerging trends. 

Triggered store redirects

Redirecting your customers to the right location in your eCommerce environment or even your static page makes sure you are taking care of the customer journey and getting them to the right products or the right information based on a search.

You'll find that many of your customer search for information as well as items in your eCommerce search. Questions around how to find a job at your company, store locations, support questions for instance. Your eCommerce search box has to deal with this too.

Perhaps you have a recruitment campaign running for graduates during the summer, or your want to make sure that customers search for store locations are sent to the specific store address page based on geolocation data.

Now with triggered redirects, you can be smart about when, when and how your shoppers are redirected to the right place in your store.

What are triggers?

As an eCommerce marketer, perhaps you want to…

  • Fire up a campaign based on the time of year 
  • Group together a bundle of products based on where the customer has navigated to in the store 
  • Show certain items to a customer based on what other items they have in their basket
  • When a shopper searches for a particular search term that you only show them a certain brand and remove other brands from the navigation

All these scenarios can be achieved based on triggers (date, location in store, items in basked, search results).
Triggers are events from which you, as a marketer or merchandizer, want to use as a jumping off point for adapting your store to different customer and commercial needs. They can essentially be grouped into business triggers, contextual triggers and shopper-based triggers. They can stand alone as one simple trigger or be combined together to adapt the online shopping experience at a very granular level.

eCommerce marketers can easily create very smart merchandizing rules using triggers with SDL Fredhopper. It gives them the power to adapt the store to a multitude of scenarios with minimal effort, to create a more relevant shopping experience and to monetize more aspects of the online store.