SDL Contenta 
 Designed for Custom XML solutions 

Product overview

SDL Contenta allows organizations to reuse and repurpose their content to optimize their publication processes, reduce production costs, and shorten time to publish - while increasing quality, currency, and accuracy of global content.


SDL Contenta provides the automation and efficiency needed to deliver content reliably, repeatedly and effectively to your customers, partners and suppliers. It is used by authors, editors and program and publication managers for the creation, management and delivery of technical information.


With built-in XML tools, SDL Contenta provides automated data module creation, "drag and drop" uploading, powerful multi-channel publishing capabilities and simple, web-based interfaces. SDL Contenta contains an automated workflow that can clearly distinguish between work-in-process and approved or published content, and provide status throughout the editorial and publishing process. It controls access to data modules based on user roles and project status, and it provides locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent parallel editing.

What's new - Contenta 5.0

The latest release of SDL Contenta reflects a development team that is focused on productivity, user experience and extensibility. These new enhancements stemmed from feedback directly from our customer and prospect community. New features in SDL Contenta 5.0 include:

  • New carbon-themed Contenta Web interface with enhanced functionality
  • Enhanced security features for web client
  • Automatic launch of editorial tool for web client
  • Ability to assign project permissions to multiple project managers
  • Support for Arbortext 5.4 and 6.0, FrameMaker 10, XMetaL 6.0
  • Enhanced and customizable navigation options including sort, filter, display and visibility settings
  • New Properties tab in Contenta Explorer list view
  • Enhancements to Where Used tab