SDL Campaign Manager 
 Engage customers with relevant, 
 timely communications in their 
 preferred channels 

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Omni-Channel retailing with SDL technology.

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Successful analytics for retail marketers

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"How customer engagement drives player retention."

Engage Customers as Individuals

Today’s customers are no wallflowers. They are leading and directing conversations with the brands they support. To gain and retain customers, marketers must communicate with them as individuals using messages that are relevant, timely and delivered through their preferred channels.

Our campaign management software orchestrates multi-phase, cross-channel marketing campaigns to targeted customer groups. Real-time campaign response and activity data assure timeliness and relevancy of subsequent customer interactions to drive increased response, sales and retention.

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Marketing Friendly

Our customer management software is specifically designed to be used by marketing and campaign teams. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and designed to put the power in the hand of users, rather than technical teams.

  • Look and feel is similar to your most commonly used software applications
  • Color coded apps for selection, segmentation, reporting and execution.
  • Our unique track approach makes even complex campaigns easy to follow
  • Ultra-fast campaign set up
  • Key campaign features of control groups, test cells and AB testing are built in

 With an easy to follow look and feel, you will feel confident working with the marketing friendly campaign management software from SDL Campaign Manager.
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