Alterian Content Manager is now SDL ACM! SDL has acquired Alterian to enhance its global customer experience solutions.
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 SDL Alterian Content Manager 
 gives your business users the power 
 to create compelling websites 

Any way you like it

Available in functionally equal Professional and Enterprise editions, you can now enjoy a world class CMS solution in a configuration appropriate to your requirements and budget — ranging from a single server to run one site up to advanced global staging-live server setups.

SDL Alterian Content Manager (ACM) is as easy to work with as any other desktop application. You can use:

  • The Smart Client (desktop)
  • Our browser-based Web Client
  • Microsoft Word and Outlook

Whatever you prefer, you will feel immediately comfortable with its style and the powerful business focused features.

Page Studio

SDL ACM’s Page Studio lets non-technical users manage more than just the content and structure of their sites. Page Studio enables everyone to design their own brand-consistent page layouts using a user-friendly, configurable palette of options. Users can:

  • Determine the layout of an individual web page or set of pages
  • Choose where images and text fields are placed on the page to suit the content, without the need for templates to be modified
  • Enhance the page even more. For you example, you can add a Google Maps component by simply selecting and dropping it on your page. This is just one choice from the many components you can use and configure to suit your needs.

Good governance

Version control — SDL ACM enables users to maintain a version history of content, preview, then revert to previous versions and maintain a published version on the site, even while you work on the next version. ACM also enables you to compare these versions, so that you can quickly see the changes.

Audit history — SDL ACM maintains a complete audit history of everyone that has edited a content item. When used in conjunction with version compare, you get a clear picture of what has happened to a content item during its publishing lifecycle.


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