Alterian Content Manager is now SDL ACM! SDL has acquired Alterian to enhance its global customer experience solutions.
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SDL ACM v7.2 site and favorites screens

What's new in SDL ACM v7.2

Alterian Content Manager (ACM) v7.2 builds on the power of ACM version 7.1, adding new features, providing enhanced technology and browser support and fixing a number of known issues. Some highlights:

(You can read all about the new features and functionality in the SDL ACM v7.2 Product Brief)


In order to facilitate quick access to commonly used pages and items, ACM version 7.2 adds great functionality to bookmark items as Favorites from within both the Site Planner and Content Explorer.

Revised Link Roster 

The Alterian Content Manager Link Roster has been completely redesigned based on extensive customer input. It now also supports validation of multiple links and automatic discovery of URLs in markup text fields. 

Page Studio 

Alterian Content Manager v7.2 continues to improve Page Studio with 20 enhancements including the ability to set access rights for Page Studio. 


ACM 7.2 provides better performance and simplified usability for workflow functionality introduced in ACM 7.0.

SDL ACM 7.2 workflow
SDL ACM v7.2 integration SDL Media Manager

SDL Media Manager integration

This release of Alterian Content Manager includes the option to integrate directly with SDL Media Manager – SDL’s rich media management and distribution solution. This allows customers to embed assets managed in SDL Media Manager directly in their Alterian Content Manager web pages. 

Video, image and audio media can be selected for embedding within a Page Studio page. The media can have custom meta-data associated with them to be exposed on the page, allowing for improved search engine optimization (SEO).


This release of Alterian Content Manager provides, next to improved IPv6 support for ACM deployments on Windows Servers,the latest platform support for popular databases, operating systems and web browsers, including:

  • Windows 8 Smart Client support 
  • Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 support
  • Internet Explorer 10 support 
  • The latest Chrome and Firefox support 
  • Java 7 Support


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