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Be everywhere your travelers want to go

Create better journeys with language solutions for the travel and hospitality industry

Give international travelers the information they need in their language on any device – anytime, anywhere. Easily translate every type of content from product information to customer reviews and quickly publish across all your content platforms.

Complete translation solution connecting travelers to more journeys around the world

Simple, powerful and fast; SDL Language Cloud puts travel & hospitality companies in full control of every translation project. This is your hassle-free way to raise the bar on quality while accelerating speed to market and smoothing the collaboration process. Even better, our smart translation memory continually drives down cost and ensures consistent brand messaging.

Speak the language of travel

Deliver more for less with a solution tailored specifically to the travel and hospitality industry.

Deliver localized travel experiences

Make every moment of their journey relevant with a language solution for every customer touchpoint.

Streamline translation processes

Centralize translation to drive efficiency, cost reduction and enforce consistency.
The SDL Travel & Hospitality Platform makes it easy for brands to deliver compelling, localized content to their traveling customers.

Flexible translation options

Deliver a localized customer experience at every step of their journey. Whether researching travel destinations on your website, chatting with reservation agents online, booking travel on their mobile device, staying in your property or leaving a review, let customers engage with your brand in their language by matching the best translation method to the right content based on speed, quality and customer expectations.

Customized travel and hospitality technology

Accelerate content delivery and control consistency and quality with a tailored platform that includes pre-populated terminology databases and pre-trained machine translation engines customized for the travel and hospitality industry. We also specialize in workflows for typical travel content and in-house linguists who work with leading brands such as United Airlines, TripAdvisor and GTA Kuoni.

Real-time translation

Instantly translate and publish large volumes of content with our real-time sophisticated machine translation capabilities. Ideal for quick-changing, high-volume product listings, translating and sharing customer reviews and collecting and analyzing information from around the world.
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International support and customer service

Communicate with customers in any language when they need you most. SDL’s machine translation engines tailored for the travel and hospitality industries allow service and support agents to communicate with customers over email or chat. Agent responses are automatically translated back into the customer’s language quickly and accurately.

Flexible integration

Integrate language capabilities with content engines, booking systems, chat applications and websites for easy web and eCommerce site updates. Flexible workflows and system integration give you full control of the translation lifecycle, improving your quality, consistency and speed to market.

Controlled localization processes

Streamline complex localization requirements, processes and stakeholders with a complete solution that includes workflow management, online review, translation reuse, terminology control, reporting and analytics.

Insights from user-generated content

Read and respond to customer feedback while you engage with your travelers in the moment – in their language. Convert reviews into actionable insights that help build your brand loyalty and trust so they keep booking with you.

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