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Make the most of your export potential

Accelerated translation for the manufacturing industries

Enable manufacturers to translate all product content – from user interfaces to documentation, marketing content and training materials – all while reducing time-to-market with the SDL Manufacturing Language Platform. Are you speaking the right export language?
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Decrease time-to-market

Reduce translation costs by up to 50%

Sim-ship products globally

Translate all content at once for simultaneous shipment worldwide

Maximize translation budgets

Match content to the right translation method every time
The SDL Manufacturing Language Platform is a fully-integrated solution designed to remove the complexity associated with creating multilingual corporate and product content.

Translation for all content

Translate large volumes of technical, product, training and marketing content and scale as your business needs change. SDL matches your content to the right translation method, combining the right mix of technology and services. Tap into translators who are subject matter experts, machine translation engines specifically tailored to the manufacturing and automotive industries and a powerful combination of machine translation and post-editing.

Flexible, end-to-end translation platform

Streamline internal processes and deliver the highest quality content with a fully-centralized, end-to-end translation platform. Flexible workflows and system integration give you full control of the translation lifecycle and enable you to include product experts along the way. Improve your quality, consistency and speed to market by reusing previous translations, automating manual tasks and accelerating review processes.

Software localization, QA and product testing

Ensure your products are ready for global launch. Our in-house linguists and test labs offer a full range of internationalization, functional and linguistic testing for global web, mobile and desktop products across languages, operating systems, browser and device platforms.

Multimedia and interactive content translation

Deliver the best possible experience for international audiences. Provide multimedia and interactive content for product training, support or marketing across multiple languages. Adopt the right solution for your needs, from low-cost, quick turnaround subtitling – to full production voiceover and visual manipulation in our network of global studios.

Powerful integration

Expand your translation capabilities by integrating the platform with your existing enterprise technology, such as content management and customer support systems, to streamline and automate workflows.

Global brand management

Translate your content to the highest possible standard using industry expert translators supported by technology that controls brand consistency, style and tone including an out-of-the-box termbase pre-populated with key manufacturing terms and common vocabulary.

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