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Improve Your Customer Experience by
Avoiding Fallout from Failure

eBook series – learn the 6 steps to CX success

Every brand wants to deliver a great experience every time. But let’s face it…that is hard to achieve. And the reality is that when failures occur, customers aren’t always forgiving if the issue isn’t resolved. 

The good news is that immediately after a customer experience failure, your customers really do want to make it work. In fact, four out of five customers will attempt to resolve a failure with you. But even though they want to resolve the issue at hand, the majority will still abandon your brand. The key is to understand the fail flow so you can either prevent the issue in the first place, or deliver a speedy, impactful resolution to convince customers to give you a second chance. 


To understand the six steps to customer experience success, including how to identify the fail flow and prevent future fallouts.


Avoid CX Failure Fallout: 6 Steps to Customer Experience Success

Based on recent customer experience research, this ebook outlines six steps to avoid CX failures and succeed throughout the customer journey.

The Global CX Wakeup Call

The latest customer experience research from SDL, covering customer experience failures, resulting behavior and the impact on a brand