Channels Are Irrelevant

Channel engagement is now the prerogative of the consumer. Millennials, in particular, are technology savvy, engage on numerous channels and are always ‘on.’ And they expect the same from their favorite brands. This age of omni-channel, ‘right-now’ engagement requires a new marketing mentality. 

Where does your organization stand on the path towards the future of marketing? Can you shift your mindset – and your tactics – so that channel engagement is so connected and customer centric that channels simply become irrelevant? 


Channel Engagement is in the Hands of the Consumers

SDL research uncovered key behaviors and expectations of Millennials that every company needs to consider as part of their engagement strategy. It’s time to recognize that these connected customers are in control. For maximum marketing impact, understand their context, use the channels they use and interact the way they interact.



Channels are irrelevant

Your customers want what they want, when they want it. Don’t focus on individual channels, consider the experience you want them to have and adjust [...]

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