The Future of Customer Experience: Five Truths for Tomorrow's Marketer

Embrace what lies ahead for marketing and get customers right

Customer expectations have radically changed, leaving marketers scrambling to catch up. Today it is all about the experience and delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right device, but the tolerance for errors and poor experiences is shrinking. 

To deliver on the future of customer experience, it’s time to embrace what lies ahead. Start by understanding the Five Truths for Tomorrow’s Marketer. Each truth is supported by research, customer examples and practical advice to get you started.

Truth #1: Campaigns are Extinct

WP-campaigns-are-extinct-thumb(274x153)No one is waiting to be wooed by elaborate campaigns. Consumers want relevant, timely information and offers, where it is convenient for them, and they seek it out on their own on a variety of social channels. So throw out the linear campaign model and focus on continuous omni-channel campaigns that support each individual’s path to purchase.

Truth #2: Your Data Trumps Big Data

YourDataTrumpsBigData-thumb-imageDespite all the hype surrounding big data, it’s the small data – the customer’s data – that really impacts the bottom-line. It’s time to rethink your data strategy and determine how you can leverage the data you have to create more personal, targeted experiences for every customer.

Truth #3: Content Finds the Customer

Content-finds-the-customer-thumbContent is king. But unless publishing is your core business, churning out mountains of content is not sustainable. Fortunately, volume doesn’t matter because you can cut through the noise with content that is targeted, useful, succinct and shareable. When you do, you’ll find that your content finds the customer.

Truth #4: There is Only One Language

There-is-only-one-language-thumbYour success as a global brand relies on communicating across cultures with a customer experience that’s delivered anytime, anywhere and in the right language. It’s time to take off the blinders, make your translation and localization strategy a top priority and realize  that in order to reach international audiences there is only one language that matters – the customer’s language.

Truth #5: Channels are Irrelevant

Channels-are-irrelevant-thumbWe’re living in an age of omni-channel engagement where people access information at their convenience and expect their favorite brands to be on-call as needed, every step of the way. To the consumer, channels are irrelevant. Your customers want what they want, when they want it. For the marketer, that can only mean one thing: expectations are snowballing.


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