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Reach global markets while protecting your data security

Secure translations for the finance industry

In the fiercely-competitive, fast-paced world of finance, you need a localization solution you can trust. The SDL Finance Language Platform powers fast, quality translations without ever compromising your data privacy. Our proven solution is relied on by 6 of the World’s top 10 financial institutions.

Build confidence in your quality

Translate specialized finance content to the highest standard

Closely protect your

Centralize data control with auditable reviews and ISO-certified technology

Scale your translation strategy

Match content to your speed, quality and budget needs
The SDL Finance Language Platform is a fully-integrated solution designed to reduce the cost and remove the complexity from creating multinational financial content.

Global brand management

Strengthen your global brand, build your reputation and expand into new markets with quality multilingual content that matches the pace of the finance industry. Translate a wide range of materials rapidly and ensure consistency across products, divisions and languages by using an SDL terminology database tailored to the financial industry.

Unmatched data security

Your information is our top concern. Don’t risk data exposure in your translation process. Centralized workflows and industry-certified processes ensure maximum visibility and security of your information. 

SDL provides the only ISO 27001 accepted language platform, with certified translators, data encryption and a comprehensive audit trail.

Financial expertise

With offices in all of the world’s key financial markets, in-house financial expert translators and a solid background in finance, we have both the technology and services you need to meet your multinational requirements and adherence to strict local regulations. Get multilingual materials at the quality and speed you need covering retail banking, investment and wealth management, stockbroking, insurance and accountancy.

Real-time translation

Gain instant understanding and react quickly to financial information from around the globe with near real-time translation capabilities. Machine translation engines trained specifically for the financial industries provide an unprecedented solution to multilingual big data challenges.

End-to-end platform

Streamline internal processes and ensure the highest quality of your content with a fully-centralized, end-to-end platform designed specifically for the financial industry. Flexible workflows and system integration give you full control of the translation lifecycle, provides reuse of previous translations and improves quality, consistency and speed to market.

Read our case study to learn how a large global insurer overcame the issues of a decentralized translation process.

Integración flexible

Integre las capacidades lingüísticas en toda su cadena de suministro de contenidos, incluso en aplicaciones de terceros. Ya sea desde sistemas de gestión de contenidos, aplicaciones de chat o software de gestión de Internet, podrá deshacerse de todas las tareas manuales relacionadas con la localización y la creación de contenidos multilingües, con un solo clic de ratón. Disponga de un control absoluto sobre el ciclo de vida de la traducción gracias a unos flujos de trabajo flexibles y al software de integración de sistemas, lo que le permitirá mejorar tanto la calidad, como la coherencia y la velocidad de comercialización.

Coherencia de la traducción y calidad en contenidos multilingües

Fomente el uso de una terminología consistente en todos los departamentos, autores y traductores de su organización para los logotipos, eslóganes y términos corporativos más importantes. Los sistemas de gestión de traducción de SDL incluyen herramientas colaborativas de gestión terminológica que mejoran tanto su eficiencia como la calidad de sus traducciones.

Scalable solution

Flexible adoption means you can add capabilities, integrations, languages and content as you go, all within the same platform. The flexible platform is built to scale to your changing business needs. From public to highly-sensitive and time-critical content – we’ve got an approach to fit your every requirement, while ensuring your brand integrity.