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The cost of incomplete data

"Your company may have a super CMS, great analytical software and a website that optimizes the customer experience, but if these systems don’t interface together, your view of the customer will be limited at best."

Source: eConsultancy, January 2015

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Marketing Technology Picture Getting More Complex For Modern Marketers

"Modern marketing techniques are enabled by technology tools that allow more personalized customer experiences, better targeting and more insightful analytics. But the number of tools is growing dramatically, complicating the decisions marketers must make."

Source: Forbes, January 2015

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Marketing Tech Landscape: 'Inspiring, Frightening' [Infographic]

"Marketers' technology sophistication has grown quite a bit," Brinker told CMSWire. "Marketing is working more closely with IT and is getting the benefits."

Source: CMSWire, January 2015

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How To More Effectively Market To Millennials: An Interview With CMO Paige O'Neill

"Millennials’ behaviors and preferences are changing the way brands have traditionally engaged with consumers. This demographic is part of the “always-connected” generation and therefore expects content to be delivered across devices, channels and in the language they prefer."

Source: Forbes, January 2015

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How Schneider Electric Is Transforming Customer Engagement Through Personalized Digital Experiences

"We’ve always served very diverse customers. The difference is within the website environment, SDL gives us an opportunity to organize content in such a way that you don’t walk into a big supermarket and try to look for something."

Source: Forbes, December 2014

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The Art And Science Of Creating Meaningful Customer Interactions

"The modern marketing environment has morphed from a brand-driven model into a customer-driven one. Marketers who understand the importance of providing a personalized, relevant, customer-centric experience in real time also understand that collecting all the data their customers provide is essential to their organizational success."

Source: Forbes, December 2014

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Meet the British technology companies powering Christmas

"According to Mark Lancaster, chief execuive of SDL, there has been a shift in the last few years; retailers have realised that, as well as managing the e-commerce transaction, they need to provide a rich customer experience."

Source: The Daily Telegraph, November 2014

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How to jump the line for customers

"Ask yourself whether your marketing creates a two-way relationship with a fair exchange of value, demonstrates business practices consistent with customers’ ethics, offers continuous value for money, and shows leadership versus competitors on key competitive factors. Responding to these mandates is essential to building trust, because this best fulfills customers’ emotional needs."

Source: The Economist, November 2014

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Discussion Point: Omnichannel Marketing in the 2014 Holiday Season

"In a retail industry that struggles to eke out profits from single-digit margins, there has to be a very clear return to justify the investment. Many retailers will watch this holiday season closely for signs of whether data-driven marketing can improve their financial performance in a measurable way."

Source: CMSWire, November 2014

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Customer Experience Should Not Be the Job of Just One Person

"Business leaders should ask themselves if their organization is truly set up to effectively manage the customer experience. Unfortunately, more often than not, the answer is no, as businesses maintain a traditional organizational structure."

Source: Entrepreneur, November 2014

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Archived Coverage

Email Marketing In The New Engagement Era

"To that point, consumption of the decades-old medium is rapidly evolving as a host of other brand-communication channels proliferate. But many marketers are failing to prepare for what the oldest digital channel will look like in the future."

Source:, October 2014

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Tapping Millennial Political and Social Passions Ahead of the Midterm Elections

"For example, a recent survey by SDL found that 30 percent of millennials use four or more digital communications devices daily, and the overall group checks mobile phones an average of 40 times per day, making a multiscreen strategy more essential than ever."

Source: AdWeek, October 2014

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Ten Companies That Are Disrupting Their Industries Through Technology

"For example, SDL helps its customers sell more of their offerings by making it easy to gather and use social intelligence and predictive analytics to place the right advertisement on the right mobile device at the right time and location—thus enhancing the customer experience and increasing conversion rates at each step of the sales cycle."

Source: Forbes, October 2014

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50 Influential CMOs On Social Media

"Social media has become a part of our world. This goes beyond the tools we use in our lives, like email. Social media is how we interact with friends, family, co-workers, brands, and media."

Source: Forbes, September 2014

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How Long Before Your Customers Trust You? Two Years.

"One way to strengthen your relationships -- in love and business -- is to communicate more, and more effectively. That doesn’t mean texting every hour on the hour, particularly if the person you are aiming to strengthen your relationship with doesn’t like to text. Part of communicating with your customers better is catering your messaging technique to how that person prefers to be reached."

Source: Entrepreneur, September 2014

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Going OmniChannel? You Have To Do These 7 Things Well

"According to Lancaster, omnichannel experience is “a convenient label that makes people sit up and think.” It is more than just delivering the right message at the right time to the right buyer through the right channel. Omnichannel experience is about understanding what your buyer actually wants in ways organizations can act on. It is also about “marketers finally being able to prove they are doing something useful."

Source: Forbes, September 2014

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Here Is Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer

"No demographic is as appealing to marketers as millennials, those folks born between 1981 and 2000. Many articles and studies have focused on reaching this elusive adult consumer, who has money and eschews traditional methods of communication in favor of a life largely spent online."

Source: AdWeek, August 2014

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The Marketing Tech Differentiator: True Contextualization

"Organizations today often rely on multiple technologies to provide the relevant data points needed to drive customer experience. These systems, however, tend to lack seamless integration with each other, resulting in a disjointed brand experience. To meet customers’ individual needs and ultimately build brand loyalty, it’s essential to have the full context of every customer interaction in one place."

Source: Wired, August 2014

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3 Ways to Market Your Content to Millennials

"Millenials -- the 18- to 36-yearold demographic -- are a top target for marketers but impressing them with your product, content or brand messaging is no simple task. Especially if you’re still relying on traditional delivery methods like email marketing and display ads."

Source: Entrepreneur, July 2014

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CMOs and CIOs Unite

"This evolution of leadership stems from the changing customer experience industry. Digital channels, social media and mobile communications have fundamentally transformed the way consumers interact with brands. Customers have come to expect a high level of personalized interaction -- and in order to keep up, marketers today must create tailored experiences that map to each consumer’s unique path to purchase."

Source: Wired, July 2014

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In a Big Data World, Small Data Powers Customer Engagement

"From a customer experience perspective, it’s critical to take a step back and set a data strategy. This strategy shouldn’t focus on the Big Data, but the “small data” – just the specific information that is relevant for each customer. "

Source: Wired, June 2014

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Millennials Check Their Phones 43 Times a Day. This Is What They're Looking For. (Infographic)

"Across the globe, people between the ages of 18 and 36 check their phone 43 times a day on average, according to a survey of 1,800 millennials conducted by web analytics company SDL. And while those young, plugged-in consumers are largely connecting with brands on social media, they are not impressed by quantity; they want to see specific, targeted, short and sharable content."

Source: Entrepreneur, June 2014

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20 Real-World IT Cost-Cutting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

"The stress to cut costs in IT can cause managers to make a lot of really foolish mistakes which can be far more costly in terms of lost dollars and lost business opportunities. I reached out to dozens of industry experts and asked, “What are the worst IT cost-cutting mistakes?"

Source: CIO, May 2014

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Marketing to Millennials in a Data-Driven, Post-Campaign Era

"With digital channels, social media and mobile communications, today’s millennial generation in particular orchestrates its own experience. Millennial consumers no longer follow predetermined, linear routes from exposure to conversion to brand advocate; rather, they utilize a variety of on- and offline channels to start, stop, rejoin and jump engagement levels, carving out highly individualized paths to purchase."

Source: Re/Code, May 2014

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When businesses know too much

"According to SDL, a company that “allows companies to optimise their customers’ experience across the entire buyer journey”, only in America do more than half of users (52pc) aged 18-36 “have no issue with brands using their information to benefit customer experience.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph, May 2014

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The CTO Perspective: Achieving an Integrated Approach to Customer Experience

"Often times though, in the race to appease the customer, brands are pressed for solutions and turn to an IT ingredient for a quick-fix solution. Take for example a brand that lacks a strong mobile component for customer engagement -- or needs social analytics, or improved campaigns. Ripping and replacing these one-off solutions for a complete capability set won’t yield unified results.”

Source: Wired, May 2014

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Tech tools make selling to the world child's play

"To build brand power against the big guns in online retail, small businesses should focus on online experiences and how they can replicate the personalised store experience many consumers love so much.”

Source: BBC, April 2014

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Five Ways To Become More Agile And Responsive To Your Customers' Needs

“When an executive team, in a large organisation, decides to do something and when it actually gets done can take up to two years.”

Source: Forbes, March 2014

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In Love and in Business, Trust Is the Beginning, Middle and End of the Story

“The thing about trust is that while you can work a lifetime to earn it, it can be completely lost in an instant. Four out of five respondents said they would be more likely to give their personal information to a “trusted” brand, according to the survey, which involved surveying 4,000 consumers in the U.S., the U.K, and in Australia.”

Source: Entrepreneur, March 2014

In Brands We Trust - Why Brands Must Treat Trust Like Gold

“Big data is a big story in the marketing world: Marketers now have access to a wide range of consumer insights that they couldn’t access even five years ago. However, with this eye-in-the-sky, limitless availability of insights, there comes an unprecedented threat to consumer privacy – not least from the perspective of the consumer. And it comes as little surprise that people are guarded about sharing their data.”

Source: Fprbes, March 2014

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Study: Consumers Wary of Marketers Using Big Data

“Nearly two-thirds of consumers in the U.S. and around the world are worried about how marketers are using their personal information, and 82 percent in the U.S. aren't comfortable being tracked in stores via smartphones and WiFi.”

Source: AdWeek, February 2014

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Are You Sure Your Customers Will Wait Two Years For You To Change?

“Back in October of last year, IBM released the latest version of it’s Global C-suite Study. This study was made up of 4,183 conversations with C-suite leaders in 70 countries and across more than 20 industries. Their analysis of the conversations uncovered three major issues that the C-suite executives feel they need to embrace if they are to stay relevant to today’s customers and remain competitive.”

Source: Forbes, February 2014

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SDL Looks to Battle Oracle, in 'customer Experience

“The SDL Customer Experience Cloud brings together Web content management, campaign management, social analytics, e-commerce, language translation services and documentation, with a unified user interface, according to a company announcement Monday. The suite is the result of several years of work, according to SDL.”

Source: CIO, January 2014

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