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Taxonomy as a Catalyst for Content Reuse

Taxonomy as a Catalyst for Content Reuse

Structured DITA authoring has opened up unprecedented opportunities for reuse, but the implementation often falters in the rush to demonstrate increased efficiency and ROI without a clear strategy. This presentation makes a case for investing in a taxonomy as a conceptual framework for a reuse strategy that defines the basic units of reuse in terms of that taxonomy. While the upfront investment in taxonomy-based content mapping seemed daunting to us at first, the benefits of working with our writing teams to analyze and map their content turned out to be substantial. Everything fell into place: how best to redefine content ownership horizontally across product-lines, how to define reuse metrics, how to rework legacy content to maximize reuse, and how to use metadata to improve the customer search experience.

Eva Knodt

Information Architect // Brocade Communications

Eva joined the Brocade Technical Communications team in 2007 documenting CLI man pages and networking products. In 2009 she stumbled upon DITA as a solution to generate both the man pages on the switch and the CLI Reference Guide from a single XML source. In 2012 she became the Information Architect for Brocade’s SDL LiveContent implementation. As a member of the CCMS core team, she has been instrumental in defining the DITA information architecture and supporting processes for content migration and development. Her most recent projects include taxonomy development and implementation of an integrated CCMS metadata strategy that can support content alignment and reuse, search optimization, and an automated publishing solution.

Lelia Wright

Technical Writer // Brocade Communications

For the past five years, Lelia has been working in an SDL XML CMS environment using Trisoft and LiveContent. Arriving at Brocade in 2013, Lelia had previous experience of content migration. She joined the CCMS core team assisting with the conversion of content from FrameMaker to SDL LiveContent and providing CMS technical support to colleagues. Fascinated by reuse possibilities, Lelia is leading a content reuse program and is training writers to use the correct content typing while single-sourcing content. Recent work on the technology taxonomy program has opened up greater opportunities for reusing content.