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Helping Waters Corporation Streamline Publication Processes and Boost Content Reuse

When thousands of scientists around the world rely on your products and services and you operate within a highly-regulated industry, it’s essential that your technical documentation is accurate, reliable and compliant. But delivering high-quality, timely publications can be challenging. That’s why Waters Corporation looked to SDL Knowledge Center to align its processes, drive content reuse and promote standardization of its documentation to deliver a better customer experience

The challenge: Streamlining internal processes and workflows

Waters produces numerous installation guides, user manuals, system guides and online help resources totaling thousands of pages in a year. In the past, these materials were produced using a variety of authoring tools with multiple content management processes and workflows, which made it difficult for writers to identify and reuse existing content. Content duplication and version-control became key concerns.

As Waters serves markets around the world, its technical communications group localizes content in up to 16 languages. Relying on different vendors for translation, the company found the process to be lengthy, expensive and inefficient as much of the same content was being localized again and again.

With SDL technologies in place, Waters enjoys a far more efficient and controlled production process. The workflow gates each stage, triggering actions and preventing duplication of work. Content formatting is now handled separately from writing, allowing the company’s writers to focus exclusively on authoring their publications. The company’s 300 or so subject matter experts and the editors can now review subsets of publications as standalone topics, rather than having to tackle huge volumes from start to finish. As a result, writers can see feedback in real time and Steen estimates that up to 60% of the source content can be reused in multiple publications, representing a huge cost and time saving.
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Helping Waters Corporation Streamline Publication Processes and Boost Content Reuse
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