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Hach Moves Into Global Markets Faster While Reducing Effort and Costs

Hach combines the power of SDL Language and SDL Knowledge Center to slash production costs and reach global markets faster.


Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments used to test water quality and safety around the world. Hach’s technical writing team is faced with the challenges of producing complex, high-quality documentation to suit thousands of products in dozens of global markets. This case study demonstrates how Hach achieved rapid return on investment with end-to-end deployment of SDL’s technologies.

Business challenge

Hach’s products for water quality testing and analysis are used by experts globally to ensure the safety and quality of water for millions of people around the world. To support those products and the experts who use them, Hach must produce high-quality documentation that is technically accurate, up to date and can be read in 27 languages.

With the speed and number of product releases increasing and the number of supported global markets expanding, the small Hach team responsible for documentation and localization found itself on the critical path of the product release cycle and undergoing uncomfortable and unprecedented executive scrutiny. Not only did the team have to deliver this documentation in 27 languages, but they had to support a ‘dual-brand’ strategy that required multiple branded variations of their documentation.

Finding a better process

“We reduced translation costs by 60% and translation time by 40%. And if that weren’t enough, my team’s ‘happiness index’ increased by 80%.”
Emily Mydlowski,
Technical Publications Manager,
Hach Company

As the team explored the emerging best practices in the market, they realized that they needed to tackle improvements in both localization and technical writing processes. An immediate solution was an improvement in the localization process with the deployment of a translation management system from SDL. The longer-term goal was to move into a structured content writing methodology with DITA and a component content management system. The Hach team looked at a variety of language technologies and identified SDL WorldServer as the most compelling solution for the team. Within the first year of deploying SDL WorldServer, the Hach team had achieved $260,000 savings and attained the projected ROI for their on demand localization solution.