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Take control of translation with a centralized translation management system

Streamline your entire localization process

Get efficient and take control of your content as you centralize all your translation efforts into a single, streamlined process, eliminating manual, ad hoc approaches. Use powerful translation memories, terminology managers and customizable workflows to reduce your translation costs by up to 50%.

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Centralize the translation process

Drive out costs and speed up deliverables

Streamline workflows

Easily manage complex translation projects

Reduce translation

Reuse approved content and reduce manual processes

Reduce translation costs

Capitalize on previously translated content, streamline the localization process and effectively manage project costs. Our powerful translation management systems (TMS) have saved customers up to 50% in costs thanks to a centralized translation supply chain that relieves pressure on your resources.

Accelerate the translation process

Speed up localization by automating every step in the process. Customizable workflows can be applied to translation projects and communication between project managers, translators, Language Service Providers (LSP’s) and reviewers, ensuring no deadlines are missed. Flexible APIs easily integrate our technology with a range of content management systems in use.

Improve translation quality

Drive the quality and consistency of your content through intelligent terminology management that lets you consistently translate common words and corporate phrases, while translation memory stores and applies previously approved translations for reuse.

Full control

Flexible workflows and system integration give you full control of the translation lifecycle. You can track your quality metrics allowing you to plan and budget based on real performance data and easily manage quoting, invoicing and multiple service providers.

Scalable solution

Scale your translation management solution to adapt to your changing business needs. Increase languages and capabilities, incorporate machine translation, add new vendors and integrate with key business systems, all within the same platform. 

With such flexibility, you can quickly realize significant return-on-your investment.

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