Deliver seamless support across all your digital touchpoints

Knowledge content in the format your customers want

Provide rich, contextual information based on customer data that guides users to the answers they're looking for, while you gather metrics on content use to improve the customer experience.

Contextual search and content delivery

Use your customers' search terms and data to give them the exact product information they need - from online support articles, to specific video tutorials based on products they have bought.

High-quality content

Enable all of your content to meet established quality requirements for your business and industry with an integrated quality assistant and a connection to Acrolinx content optimization technology.
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Enable your content to be easily formatted for any device, channel or resolution using structured content, letting you create content once and publish it for all relevant channels, devices and languages out of the box.

Publication analytics

Stay on top of content performance with sophisticated publication and search analytics. Track failed searches, popular content, unused content and key terms to drive continuous improvement in content quality, usability and accessibility.
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