Manage your digital campaign assets &
rich media more effectively

Create engaging multi-channel campaigns with SDL Digital Media Management

Embed rich images, video and audio into your inbound and outbound campaigns. The digital media management capabilities provided by SDL Campaigns give you the power to control, optimize and analyze the use of digital media assets, creating engaging experiences for your customers.

Cross-channel distribution

Embed and deliver rich media assets automatically in the right format and on the right channels including websites, social and email.

Asset editing

Make simple edits and perform quick tasks on the fly such as cropping and resizing images, picking fragments from video and audio files and automatically transcoding video and audio for various channels, screens and devices.

Control video across channels

Publish video player and content separately so that you can replace or update the video, even after communications have gone out. When viewers click on a video, the player will show the associated video.

Post-production management

Easily localize video content for each viewer’s preferred language using back slides, overlays, subtitles and voiceovers and avoid all those video relevancy issues.