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Philips Philips
Adopting a Test Center Approach to Launch High-Tech Medical Equipment
Health Care
Working through the SDL testing center in Colorado, Philips was able to translate its new device into 21 languages in record time and ensure while still meeting the highest levels of quality.
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Bosch Security Systems Bosch Security Systems
Localizing Software For An International Target Audience
Electronics and High-Tech
Bosch Security Systems
BOSCH Security Systems reduces the cost of software localization by 99.5 Percent with SDL.
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Casio Casio
100% increase in online visitors following multilingual website localization
Manufacturing, Electronics and High-Tech
Working collaboratively with SDL’s translation, localization and consulting teams is enabling Casio to launch multilingual websites in record time.
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Chrysler Chrysler
Driving Down the Costs of Multilingual Content
Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation
A key concern for Chrysler LLC was to improve its process of providing accurate documentation to its global markets. After a promising pilot scheme, SDL intelligent Machine Translation (SDL iMT) was implemented with results that far exceeded their expectations.
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Cisco Localization Cisco Localization
Cut Spiraling Costs and Improve Quality
Electronics and High-Tech
Cisco Localization
Cisco Systems: successful improvement of localization business processes for products, technical documentation and web content. 30% cost reduction, accelerated processes and significantly increased productivity.
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CNH Reduces Translation Costs by 40 Percent in Three Years with SDL
Industrial Goods
The Global Information Management (GIM) strategy at CNH is anything but agricultural. By standardizing on an integrated GIM solution, the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturer has transformed its approach to local language support – and the service it provides to 11,000 dealers in 160 countries.
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NTT Docomo NTT Docomo
Working to a Tight Development Schedule, NTT DOCOMO Releases English-Language Versions of its Software
Telecom and Utilities
NTT Docomo
The smartphone market continues to grow rapidly on a global scale. Having increased its unit sales through early bird launching of smartphones on the Japanese market, NTT DOCOMO aims to deliver outstanding value in its applications and content services, as well as its products.
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RS Components RS Components
Improved Consistency for Global Branding
Electronics and High-Tech
RS Components
RS Components had a new business strategy that required large product ranges to be available in the local language, initially in France, Germany and Italy, but ultimately across the globe.
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Semiconductor Firm Semiconductor Firm
Large Semiconductor Firm Solves its Translation Challenges with SDL
Electronics and High-Tech
Semiconductor Firm
The company wanted to be perceived as a global brand, rather than an American company trying to extend its business into foreign markets.
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TomTom TomTom
Improve Process Transparency and Efficiency
Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation, Consumer Services
Each day TomTom ensures that 45 million customers reach their destinations, with 800 sextillion routes available in 35 languages, thanks to its partnership with SDL.
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Nielsen Nielsen
Nielsen adopts a 360-degree approach to customer experience in over 100 countries
In the past five years alone, Nielsen calculates it has saved over $2 million through its successful partnership with SDL.
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