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Significantly Increase Bookings While Lowering Distribution Costs

SDL Tridion adds value to KLM’s online business through higher online sales, simplified multi-language, multi-site rollout and lower cost per channel.


Servicing customers

“By using SDL Tridion, our international online marketing and sales have become much more efficient. Now we roll-out marketing campaigns and sales promotions to more than 60 countries – in the local language – in just a few days. We only need to develop our campaigns and promotions once, which is a huge benefit as it saves us time and money.”
Alexander Mul
eMarketing Director, KLM

KLM has always been at the forefront of innovative customer service activities and as one of SDL’s earliest customers, recognized the benefits of content management before its competitors.

KLM chose the SDL web content management (WCM) solution as the platform for their online presence as it enabled consistent branding across a complex network of websites that also address local customer needs. The content is managed by SDL Tridion and has enabled KLM to quickly roll them out to several countries.

SDL Tridion plays a key role in helping KLM to capitalize on the revenue potential of online sales channels and make a success of online marketing campaigns. It enables KLM to manage a complex hierarchy of channels at a low cost per channel and a very high speed.