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Creating Brand Consistency Across Multiple Channels

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is an award-winning airport operator that prioritizes creating a personalized online experience for its passengers, whether on the web, on their mobile site, via SMS, email or digital kiosks.


As part of its online strategy, ADAC decided to use a single platform for its content management system. ADAC chose SDL Tridion to protect its online brand and create brand consistency across multiple channels.

Creating a personalized online experience

“Updating content across our websites and our multiple channels is now much easier and faster. We are proud that our websites achieved international recognition. So far, our websites have won 13 international awards including the prestigious Webby Awards.”
Abu Dhabi Airports Company

For its customer-facing site, ADAC prioritized a personalized online experience, where the website is tailored to the visitors’ needs based on their booked flights and profile.

ADAC uses SDL Tridion to engage with customers through multiple channels including web, mobile, SMS, email and digital kiosks.

Since implementing SDL Tridion, ADAC has enjoyed more than a 40% increase in online traffic across multiple channels. In addition, updates to content across channels is now easier and faster.