Global Multinational Alliance Partner 
 (GMAP) Program 

Our alliances

SDL attracts relationships with companies who add value and quality to our customers.  Many such organizations are creative design agencies, interactive media consultants and technology providers.

As digital visitors demand more value from the websites and digital channels, SDL works to create new innovative relationships with organizations that can provide a variety of services to its clients.

Marketing teams across the globe often create time sensitive campaigns and promotions in response to market demands. Our alliances and partnerships often counsel these clients on best practices and solutions, extending SDL technology and services to compliment their own.

The Global Multinational Alliance Partner Program includes Design and Creative Agencies,Regional Alliances,Strategic Consultancies,System Integrators and Technology Alliances who provide expert services, domain expertise and integration sets that enhance SDL technology offerings.

Partner types

Design & creative agencies
Design and creative agencies offer consulting, direction and marketing strategy and concepts through content creation, design and standards. SDL offers agencies the flexibility of remaining an independent, yet trusted advisor for their clients and leveraging technology to scale from smaller to very large initiatives.
Regional alliancesOperating in one or more countries, regional alliances focus on practice areas or vertical markets, offering customers specialized consultancy, technology integration, thought leadership and evaluations. Most regional alliances offer SDL to certain markets in a full service mode and leverage cloud services for swift and timely delivery.
Strategic consultanciesStrategic consultancies provide vision and business transformation concepts that combine independent thought leadership and technology adoption. Often, their core competency extends beyond SDL software and services to include a Project Management Office for large-scale projects and coordination, business transformation and vision execution.
System integratorsSystem integrators have a center of excellence or program office that coordinates customer interaction and brings together independent technologies and custom solutions. Often with off-shore resources, system integrators work swiftly and offer competitive rates for certain routine services.
Technology alliances

Technology alliances offer solutions sets that integrate with or can be promoted alongside SDL products. Examples of technology alliances include providers of digital asset management, ecommerce, product information management, XML editing tools and enterprise resource management and customer relationship management systems to highlight a few. Technology alliances provide solutions and service expertise that extends SDL Customer Experience Management (CXM) capabilities to meet the business needs and processes of our customers.