提供技术信息的成本降低了 35%


经销商自助服务提高了 60%

RS Components

工作效率提高了 25%


SDL 智能机器翻译将 SDL 市场领先的自定义机器翻译技术 (SDL BeGlobal) 与专业的人工译后编辑技巧整合起来,提供更高的本地化自动化水平。

而对于消费者,流程是一模一样的,但是 SDL 内部利用自定义 iMT 流程推动整个翻译工作流的效率。 这一流程让我们的客户能够:

  • 改善全球交流,而无需增加本地化预算
  • 在目前翻译成本基础上节省多达 40%
  • 将生产时间缩短至原来的一半
  • 加快面市时间,以扩大销售机会

Race Against Time: Product Launch in 12 Countries

More content - less budget - less time... Will Jane & Chris overcome this challenge? Jane is responsible for localization at Innovate Co. Her task: to launch a new product in 12 countries and 12 languages simultaneously. The problem: While the amount of content has grown, her localization budget has not. Chris at Beta Inc. is facing the same challenge: His company is launching a competing product at the same time. But while Chris is relying on traditional translation, Jane has decided to employ SDL´s intelligent Machine Translation solution "iMT". Find out in the movie, whether Jane and Chris will manage to keep to their tight deadlines!
machine translation infographic

Survival Guide Infographic:
How to Survive the Digital Content Explosion

Click on our “Survival Guide Infographic” (see link below) and find out...

  • Why the amount of target languages is exploding
  • What this means for global organizations
  • How providing relevant content in the local language will optimize the global Customer Experience and maximize your sales
  • Why this cannot be achieved with traditional translation alone
  • How you can survive this explosion

解决方案简介 - iMT

新一代翻译自动化服务现已闪亮登场。 了解 iMT 将如何为您的企业服务

案例分析 - Chrysler

Chrysler 选择采用 iMT 对 35 000 页的文档进行本地化处理,翻译成本降低了 35%。

应对 iMT 挑战

了解您是否能够对您的翻译流程进行革新 - 在目前翻译成本基础上节省多达 40% - 将生产时间缩短至原来的一半 - 加快面市时间,以扩大销售机会。 应对 iMT 挑战。