Campaigns are Extinct 

 These days, marketing success depends on customers seeing, engaging with – and sharing – your content within their trusted social networks. No one is waiting to be wooed by elaborate campaigns. For proof, take a look at the results from Understanding the Millennials, An SDL Customer Experience Research Report.  

Infographic: Optimizing Marketing for the Millennial Mindset

As Millennials gain buying power, earning their trust will be crucial for brands. To better understand Millennials and what makes them tick, SDL conducted a study in February 2014 with a 300-person sample from its North American Millennial community. The survey revealed insights that have important implications for tomorrow's marketers. 

View this infographic to understand the five opportunities for optimization.

White Paper: Campaigns are Extinct

Millennial consumers orchestrate their own brand experiences on their time, across channels and devices with brands that they trust. As a result, campaigns no longer start with a contact list and stop with an email blast – they are continuous exercises, consistent across channels. Brands must break through personal junk filters with relevant, valuable and non-promotional interactions, for a longer-term view of building brand advocacy. 

Download this paper and learn how you can be ready for tomorrow’s customer today.