Multilingual Text Analytics  
 Customer Use Cases 

Ipsos MORI: Predictive Analytics

“With the growth in global business and the accessibility of online information, we now have a much greater need to access and analyze data from multiple languages. As a company focused on innovation and dedicated to our clients’ successes, we deployed SDL BeGlobal machine translation to further improve our research insights and bring new value to our customers.” Jean-Francois Damais, Deputy Managing Director Loyalty Global Clients Solutions, Ipsos.

Expert System: Semantic Intelligence

“As unstructured information-text documents, emails, and social media content-become increasingly important sources of business intelligence, being able to understand, manage and reuse multi-language content is a strategic advantage. Using SDL BeGlobal extends the potential of our deep semantic analysis to numerous languages, enabling our customers to efficiently manage any type of text and content, in any language.” Andrea Melegari, COO, Intelligence Division, Expert System

ZyLAB: eDiscovery

“The last decade has seen e-discovery regulations sanctioning even the smallest accidental omissions. Without a robust text analytics solution to find all relevant documents, legal departments have a hard time producing every single document requested, especially when they span multiple languages. By using SDL BeGlobal to translate all information up front or during a review, teams can quickly uncover relevant data and route critical information for a complete translation when needed. This, in combination with the robust e-Discovery solution of ZyLAB makes even the most complex or vast amount of information easily accessible.” Daniel Schuuring, Product Marketing Manager, ZyLAB

Raytheon BBN Technologies: Foreign Broadcast and Web Monitoring

For foreign broadcast monitoring, a video broadcast is first captured and automatically transcribed into the foreign language of the broadcast, using Raytheon BBN Technologies' speech to text solution. Next, the transcript is automatically translated using machine translation from SDL. All of this is done with only a 3-5 minute delay from the original broadcast. This solution makes foreign broadcasts accessible, and also creates a searchable archive of the spoken content in both English and the source language through a browser-based interface. The company's web monitoring solution captures content from numerous online sources and stores them in a local database. The information can them be automatically translated using SDL machine translation and made available for search queries.
Software Localization

Next IT

Next IT offers a multi-modal, multi-channel, natural language platform for businesses that is changing how technology interacts with people by allowing users to do what is most natural – asking. Users can simply talk, type, or tap and the business’s branded virtual assistant will understand and fulfil the request. With the expansion in to international markets, Next IT needed to adapt their technology for foreign language customer inquiries. Using the power of SDL BeGlobal, Next IT has created a seamless end to end solution: A customer makes a request in a foreign language, SDL BeGlobal translates the answer in to English to enable processing by Next IT, and the customer’s request is fulfilled in their preferred language, all in real time.