eBook: The Smarter Store Window 

The Smarter Store Window eBook Series

This eBook series from SDL, 'The Smarter Store Window', gives eCommerce marketers the practical guidelines they need to deliver a superior online shopping experience. 

The first eBook in the series focuses on how you can take your shopper on a journey through your online store to help them find just what they’re looking for. 

It talks about how your customers search for products and how you can use onsite search to get them to what they need to keep those conversion rates ticking.

In this eBook:

This first eBook gives you insights and advice into the following topics:
  • Search: a window to what your shopper really wants 
  • How do people really search in eCommerce? 
  • Matching: it’s all about understanding the shopper language 
  • Dealing with the dreaded ‘zero results’ page and what you can learn 
  • Ranking: showing ‘the right’ product first 
  • Filters: slicing and dicing the product catalog 
  • Shopper language: search suggest and speaking your customers’ language
The Smarter Store Window eBook cover - SDL Fredhopper